The Ge’ez Fidel or script, used in Ethiopia and Eritrea, is the only native African writing system still in use in the world today. Fidel Creations is a celebration of this. It’s the pure love of everything that is Fidel that gave birth to Fidel Creations – a design studio with a product line highlighting the Ge’ez script (Fidel) and Ethiopic motifs front and center in it’s design philosophy. Our goal at Fidel Creations is to layer this fascinating ancient script into your visual landscape, which we interpret into numerous products.

In our shop, you will find tastefully designed nursery essentials that spotlight the artistry of the Ge’ez script. There are plenty of gorgeous baby and parent-friendly patterns to choose from. These timeworn interpretations become cherubic prints, posters, adorable bibs and embellishments for your little one’s bedroom and family areas. We believe these are powerful mediums for nurturing a love of language, literature, culture and that which is most empowering – self-love.

Fidel Creations also introduces colorful and delightfully illustrated Amharic and English bilingual board books covering themes kids love and are familiar with. The youngsters will imitate and learn the exciting and unique names for common farm animals as well as exotic wild animal life, alongside learning their numbers and basic colors.

We hope that you love them as much as we do!

From our founder Meron..

‘Ever since I can remember I have been in love with the beauty of the Ge’ez Fidel and what it represents. Growing up in different countries where my identity was often challenged, the Ge’ez script provided such a source of pride and self-love. One of the first things I would do when I met a new friend was to scribble their name in Amharic/ Ge’ez script. It always amazed me how little people knew of my Ethiopian culture and the fact that we had our own ancient native writing system that kids are still taught at school today.

While I’ve always designed products and jewelry highlighting the Ge’ez script, when my daughter was born it became important to me to find ways of integrating her culture into her everyday life especially the Ge’ez script. I launched Fidel Creations with this goal in mind and inject a source of pride in our little ones. Our philosophy is simple; we want to layer the Ge’ez script into your visual landscape interpreted into beautifully designed products.

I invite you to browse our shop and to share your finds with friends and family. Thank you for stopping by today and we would absolutely love it if you came back to see us.’